Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers

A solid education in functional anatomy will boost your teaching confidence, release your creative sequencing potential and empower you to better serve your students .

The Problem


Most aspiring yoga teachers have little to no previous education in functional anatomy prior to enrolling in a yoga teacher training program. Unfortunately...


Most yoga teacher training programs contain very little education in anatomy because there are several other subjects to cover in a relatively short amount of time. As a result...


New yoga teachers often feel ill-prepared to help their students stay safe and navigate the physical and anatomy-related challenges within the practice

The Solution


Recognize that you're not alone! Most new teachers are in the same boat - it takes time to become confident in your knowledge of functional anatomy


Find a comprehensive  course in functional anatomy that is geared toward yoga teachers with little to no background in anatomy 


Dive into that course and spend as much time as necessary studying, exploring, practicing and sharing your new insights and discoveries with your students 

If You Could Wave a Magic Wand...

If you could wave a magic wand and know all about functional anatomy, common joint-related injuries and strategies to help a wide range of students overcome the physical obstacles in their practice, how would it feel?

 "This course gave me so many tools for my yoga teacher tool-kit that I could immediately use in my group classes and private sessions.  I was thrilled that I could look at a body and have more information about how a particular student may need to modify or amplify a pose to make it more beneficial to their particular body.  Jason is skilled at teaching teachers how to step back, pause, and ask why.  I feel like my sequences are more thoughtful, mindful and educational than ever before.  Even my students have commented about a marked change in my teaching since enrolling in the course- they are the ones who are truly benefiting!

Jess Blake
Yoga Teacher

Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers

ASFYT-1: Skeletal Anatomy & Yoga Asana

ASFYT-2: Muscle Anatomy & Yoga Asana

ASFYT-3: Kinesiology of Yoga Asana