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I have over twenty years of experience as a yoga teacher, massage therapist and functional anatomy educator. I've taught at many of the yoga studios and gyms in New York City, and have also taught on the faculty of several NYC-based teacher training programs, including those at Integral Yoga Institute, OM Yoga, Yoga Works, Pure Yoga, Lucent Yoga and Harlem Yoga Studio.

In 2008 I created a unique practice called Zenyasa®, which can be described as a contemporary movement practice that synthesizes practices and exercises found in both hatha and vinyasa yoga, taichi, resistance training with therabands and Zen Buddhism. I've led Zenyasa® teacher trainings and workshops nationally and internationally, and was the principle owner of the Zenyasa Yoga & Wellness Studio in NYC from 2010 thru 2018.

My anatomy education really began at the Swedish Institute in 2002. I had been teaching yoga for several years and wanted to deepen my understanding of the human body so that I could be of better service to my students. The program at the Swedish Institute was over 1,200 hours, at least half of which was focused on the study of anatomy. I learned so much that afterwards I wanted to share what I'd learned with other yoga teachers. I started teaching anatomy within the yoga teacher training programs at Yoga Works and Integral Yoga, and eventually other studios around town. I also developed a 108-hour functional anatomy training for experienced yoga teachers wanting to "go back to school" to dive more deeply into anatomy than what is possible in a 200-hour teacher training. I used some great books by Dr. Joseph Muscolino for this longer training, which were very strong biomechanics and kinesiology. Teaching from these books helped catapult my understanding of the anatomy of yoga asana far beyond what I had learned in massage school. 

I'm currently in the process of rewriting the 108-hour anatomy training that I created... adding more of what I've learned through additional study and my own movement practice and reshooting the videos. I hope to launch the new online version of the program later this year. In the meantime, I'm teaching a regular yoga class at Z-Yoga on the Upper West Side, subbing from time to time, seeing private yoga and massage clients in my private practice, and teaching anatomy within the teacher training programs of several yoga studios in and around New York City.

When I'm not working I enjoy spending time with my two kids, Gabriel (16) and Mikey (13), as well as my little fur baby Yoshi - a little doggy that we got from a shelter when he was only 2 months old. He'll be 2 years old this Fall. 


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